Exercises and examples

You can documentation for the AutoG&P features that we will use at https://beschmi.net/computer-aided-school/notes/.

You can find the material for the exercises at https://beschmi.net/computer-aided-school/material/.


We use AutoG&P in the exercise sessions. If you are using OS X or Linux and comfortable with compiling and installing Unix Software, use Install from source. Otherwise, I recommend to go with the second option: Use Virtualbox VM.

Please let me know if you’re having problems or there is any information missing by sending a mail to beschmi@gmail.com.

Install from source

Go to https://github.com/ZooCrypt/AutoGnP and follow the instructions.

Use a virtualbox VM

  1. Install virtualbox from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads.
  2. Open virtualbox and check if you can select Version="Ubuntu (64-bit)". If not, download the 32-bit image in the next step.
  3. Download either the 32-bit image autognp–32.zip or the 64-bit images autognp–64.zip
  4. Unzip the file autognp-[32|64].zip to get autognp[-32].vdi
  5. Select New with Name="AutoGnP", Type="Linux", Version="Ubuntu (32-bit)" or Version="Ubuntu (64-bit)" depending on the image you downloaded.
  6. Select memory size
  7. Select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” and select the autognp[-32].vdi file
  8. Start the virtual machine
  9. Login as “osboxes” using the password “osboxes.org”
  10. Start emacs (Menu -> Programming -> Emacs 24 (GUI))
  11. Open the file: Desktop/School/AutoGnP/examples/ok/bb1.zc
  12. Use the <| and |> buttons in the toolbar to process the file.